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Month: October 2017

Fixing Padlock SSL Not Showing Correctly

You need to make sure all the content hosted by your server, including image, script etc.

To fix and find all the source code and image hosted else where:

  1. Open chrome browser
  2. Press CTRL SHIT I, find all the content that hosted else where
  3. Move all content that you found in another server and make sure it’s self hosted
  4. Done.

Hope this working well in your SSL padlock.

Upgrade PHP Version from 5 to 7 Easily Without Upgrading The Server OS on Ubuntu

First, put this line in your repository:

Second update your package:

Third install module that usually needed:

After that you are all set. The last step is to disable your current version and enable the latest version by following command:

Disable current version command:

Enable latest version command:

Restart your server. Done. This method working well for me.



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